James P. Lopez, P.A.

James Lopez is your quintessential South Florida “Neighborhood Realtor.”  Raised in a U.S. military family in Boca Raton, from an early age James learned the value of discipline, diligence, and hard work.  James studied Finance and Real Estate at Florida Atlantic University, while at the same time owning and operating smartphone accessory and repair retail franchise businesses.  Striving to make even more of an impact in his community, James transitioned from retail entrepreneur into the business of real estate when he joined Sutter & Nugent.His impressive sales record has not gone unnoticed — James and his business partner, Sean Mooney, were named Sutter & Nugent’s Top Producing Team in 2019, with over $100 million in closed sales across 100+ transactions in just the past two years.  James recognizes that every interaction is an opportunity to build trust, educate, and offer solutions that pave the way for successful and profitable transactions.  In doing so, James rightfully earns the trust of buyers and sellers alike.  Through his expertise in finance, contracts and real estate investment, James has established a reputation as a tenacious and skillful negotiator who consistently exceeds clients’ expectations.  He says it best: “My clients expect smooth closings with no surprises.  Anticipating their needs and planning for the unexpected is essential to my ultra-attentive philosophy.”

Sean R. Mooney, P.A.

With over $100 million in closed sales in his first two years at Sutter & Nugent, Sean Mooney brings professionalism, hard work, and dedication to every deal he oversees. Prior to joining Sutter & Nugent, Sean worked for Weingarten Realty, a publicly traded REIT based out of Houston, Texas, where he managed and leased several of their shopping centers throughout South Florida. When it comes to the business of real estate, his prior experience in finance, and foreign currency analysis and trading means that as Sean’s client, you’ll benefit from his valuable perspective focused on profit, long-term appreciation, and proper valuation of your property.A graduate of the prestigious Saint Andrew’s School of Boca Raton, where Sean played basketball and football, and Florida Atlantic University where he earned degrees in both finance and real estate, Sean has a wide local network to market properties and/or locate the right property for your next home or business. In addition to his extensive local network and being born and raised in Boca Raton, Sean is also a dual citizen of Ireland and brings this added cultural perspective and experience with international real estate markets to his clients. Please call Sean for all your residential and commercial real estate needs.